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Cooperative Solutions for Community Needs Webinar Series

In 2018, UWCC produced five webinars that highlighted how cooperatives are being used to address a variety of unmet needs in rural and urban communities: business succession, broadband, housing, childcare, and healthcare.

Co-ops 101

This webinar provides an overview of cooperative basics including:

  • What is a cooperative?
  • Cooperative history in the United States and Wisconsin
  • Why do people form cooperatives?
  • Types of cooperatives
  • Cooperative principles
  • How are cooperatives different from other businesses?
  • How to start a cooperative?

Cooperatives and Community Care Needs

Many communities find that the lack of affordable or available childcare is a barrier to attracting and retaining workforce talent. Supporting the care needs of seniors who are aging in place may also present challenges for a community.

Find out how communities in rural Wisconsin and North Dakota are using the cooperative model to address their child and senior care needs.

Webinar Powerpoint

More information on childcare cooperatives and homecare cooperatives.

Cooperatives and Business Succession Strategies

Over the next two decades, an estimated 70% of privately held businesses will change hands, many as a result of retiring baby boomers. Who will take over these businesses, and will they remain in their communities?

This webinar will look at the conversion of businesses to cooperatives owned by the employees as one effective method for retaining businesses, jobs, and wealth in local communities.

Webinar Powerpoint

More resources on cooperative conversion and employee ownership.

Cooperatives and Community Broadband Needs

Broadband access continues to be a challenge for many areas in Wisconsin.  In the past, the cooperative model was used to successfully provide electric and telecom services to rural areas where low population densities could not provide the return on investment that larger Investor-owned utilities required.

Today, electric distribution and telecom cooperatives in the state are working to meet their member and community broadband needs in a variety of ways.  Cooperatives are well positioned to pursue community-based partnerships. Find out how two cooperatives have used partnerships to meet broadband needs, and the challenges and successes they have encountered.

Powerpoint from Webinar

More resources on cooperative broadband solutions

Cooperatives and Affordable Housing Needs

Communities often face challenges in providing housing options that meet resident needs. This  webinar will highlight the use of cooperative model to bring the benefits of home ownership to manufactured home residents, and to provide viable housing options for seniors.  Recording for Webinar is not currently available.

Powerpoint from Webinar

More resources on housing cooperatives.