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Latinx Cooperative Research

Latinx people have long been an influential and integral part of the U.S. cooperative movement. Although not the first research involving Latinx co-ops, UWCC is currently conducting the first national compilation of U.S. Latinx cooperatives of all co-op types and sectors.

This research initiative aims to recognize and better understand the collective role of Latinx cooperatives in the broader co-op community. Research outcomes include the creation of tools that Latinx co-ops can use connect with each other. Research is being conducted in collaboration with renowned scholar Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, professor of City University of New York. Dr. Gordon Nembhard is author of Collective Courage, and her work has inspired the creation of Black-led co-ops nationally.

Latinx Co-op Survey

As a first step, we are surveying Latinx co-ops. Information gathered in the survey will provide the foundation for aggregate information about Latinx co-ops in the United States, as well as, an interactive map and directory of Latinx co-ops that will only be available to co-op members who opt-in to be a part of the map, and those who have gone through a screening process. Only co-ops that give consent will be listed individually. Latinx co-ops can use the list and map to connect and cooperate with one another. Aggregate findings will be shared with Latinx organizations that can help spread the co-op model to new communities.

All personal information will remain confidential, and there will be a screening to have access to the public map with the names of co-ops that opt-in.

Latinx cooperative members –please take and share this quick survey by October 21:

Take the Survey

If you are not a member of a co-op that may identify as Latinx, please share with others in your cooperative networks who may be interested.

Thank you to the Cooperative Development Education Fund for a grant to fund this survey. If you have any questions or prefer to take the survey by phone, contact Esther West at or (608) 263-4775.

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