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Research Projects

Cooperative Governance Research Initiative

Thanks to generous seed funding from CoBank and the Cooperative Development Foundation, UWCC launched the first national, cross-sector, mixed-methods study on the governance practices of U.S. cooperatives in 2021.

2021 Cooperative Governance Research Initiative: Ag Sector Findings

The 2021 CGRI survey yielded responses from 500 cooperatives. Of those 500 cooperatives, 67 serve agricultural producers and have boards comprised of producer-members. Our latest CGRI report is the first to focus on a subset of respondents: ag co-ops

Collective Action in Rural Communities

Funded by the Agriculture Food Research Initiative, the goal of the project is to enhance opportunities for rural cooperative entrepreneurship by providing decision-making tools and resources to cooperative and economic developers.

photo of map of the United States highlighting Wisconsin with cooperative resources available

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

UWCC conducted a national survey on cooperatives' practices related to (D)emocratic governance and empowerment; (E)quity, diversity, and inclusion; and the (F)inancial security and advancement of workers.

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Latinx Cooperative Research

This research initiative aims to recognize and better understand the collective role of Latinx cooperatives in the broader co-op community. Read the full report here.

map of United States with Latinx Co-ops written on top

Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives

The first-ever census of U.S. cooperatives, this project describes and quantifies the magnitude of economic activity accounted for by cooperative businesses in the United States.

Data Requests

If you are interested in using any of the data described here for academic research, please contact Courtney Berner at Some of the data contain information that can be used to identify specific persons and cooperative entities. Data users must agree to maintain strict confidentiality, and to obtain approval from UWCC prior to submission for journal review.