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Wisconsin Co-op Directory

Wisconsin is fortunate to be home to 742 cooperatives. The following three maps offer different views of cooperatives in Wisconsin, enabling the user to see cooperatives by county, sector, or type respectively. The co-ops shown are only those with their headquarters legally registered in Wisconsin, so some may not show up even though they have branches. Scroll down for the directory of cooperatives which can be sorted by sector, county, type, zip, etc. For further information about how co-ops were selected, see the Sources and Notes section below.

Wisconsin Co-ops 2019: Co-ops by County

Zoom in to see co-ops.

Wisconsin Co-ops by Type

Use legend to select types of co-ops to display. Co-op count shown represents number of co-ops within current map view.

Consumer 428
Producer 206
Purchasing 37
Unknown 35
Worker 34
Hybrid 2
Total 742

Wisconsin Co-ops by Sector

Use legend to select co-op sectors to display. Co-op count represents number of co-ops within current map view.

bar graph that shows cooperatives in Wisconsin by sector
Agriculture 250
Credit Union 126
Mutual Insurance 88
Other 67
Grocery 47
Housing 35
Rural Electric 29
Healthcare 24
Unknown 21
Arts & Crafts 14
Telecommunications 13
Media 11
Education 9
Water/Waste 8
Total 742

Wisconsin Cooperative Directory

Click on the column headers to sort by cooperative sector, type, county, etc. Best viewed on desktop. Limited viewing options depending on mobile device.

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Sources & Notes

About this Directory

Identifying an organization as a cooperative requires both a working definition of a cooperative and reliable data sources for organizations that meet the definition.

For the purposes of this directory, we define cooperatives:

  • Entities incorporated as cooperatives under Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 185 or 193 and registered with the Wisconsin Department of Finance. In the state of Wisconsin, only organizations incorporated under Chapters 185 and 193 can use “cooperative” or “co-op” in the organizational name.
  • Entities specifically incorporated as credit unions under Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 186 and registered with the Wisconsin Department of Finance.
  • Entities that have met the registration and reporting requirements of the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance and reported a mutual ownership structure.
  • Entities chartered by the National Credit Union Administration and registered with NCUA.
  • Entities chartered by the Farm Credit Administration and part of the Farm Credit System.

The data used to create this directory has been obtained from these governmental agencies. Using official sources provides a level of data consistency over time and a means to update data on an ongoing basis.

Data from these sources was further refined to include only organizations that have:

  • their principle office in Wisconsin, thus excluding
    • non-Wisconsin co-ops incorporated under Wisconsin statutes and
    • co-ops with a Wisconsin presence but not headquartered in the state;
  • a Wisconsin DFI status, if the firm is listed in DFI records, of
    • “in good standing”, or
    • “in bad standing” dated 2014 to the present. The status of “in bad standing” reflects a failure to meet various statutory filing requirements, though the co-op itself may still be in operation. For this reason, some co-ops that are inactive but have not legally dissolved may be included.

Cooperative entities that fall outside the scope of this definition and are therefore not included in this directory include:

  • Entities that are incorporated as LLC’s, nonprofits, or other organizational types but use a cooperative governance structure based on membership voting rights. Examples may be especially common in the housing and childcare sectors.
  • Cooperative entities that have branches or subsidiaries in Wisconsin but are incorporated in another state.

Sources & Methodology

  1. Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Corporate Records. Firms that have their principle office in Wisconsin and are organized under Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 185 and 193 (cooperatives) and 186 (state-chartered credit unions).
  2. Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. Firms that have their principle office in Wisconsin and an ownership type of “Mutual”.
  3. S. Farm Credit Administration. Firms in the farm credit sector headquartered in Wisconsin.
  4. National Credit Union Administration. Federally chartered credit unions headquartered in Wisconsin.
  5. UWCC staff research populated the following variables: Type, Sector, County, and the district numbers for the Wisconsin legislature and the U.S. Congress.District numbers for the Wisconsin legislature and the U.S. Congress were obtained using GIS Shapefiles from GeoData@Wisconsin, hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Geography Department’s Robinson Map Library.
  1. UWCC staff conducted additional data cleaning using professional knowledge to remove known inactive co-ops.

If you have any questions or comments about the Wisconsin Co-op Directory, please email