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A housing cooperative can be a high rise apartment building, a garden-style apartment, a townhouse, a single-family home, a senior housing complex, or a manufactured home park. A housing cooperative forms when people come together to own and control the buildings they live in. They form a cooperative corporation, and pay a monthly amount to cover operating expenses. The cooperative owns the land, the buildings, and any common areas. Members buy shares in the cooperative which entitles the member to the exclusive right to occupy a specific unit.

Ambrosia Housing Cooperative in Madison, WI
Ambrosia Housing Cooperative in Madison, WI

Examples of Housing Cooperatives

Madison Community Cooperative

Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) is a non-profit housing cooperative with approximately 200 members living in 11 houses in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. MCC is committed to creating an inclusive cooperative community. Some of the ways we work toward that goal include The United People of Color Caucus, Safer Space Policy, Community Response Team, and the work of our Education Officer and Education Committee.

Village Cooperative Housing

Village Cooperative senior housing communities are designed for active seniors who want an entirely maintenance-free lifestyle with all the financial benefits of home ownership. Village Cooperative Housing has 33 locations across eight states.

Duvall Riverside Village

Duvall Riverside Village is a resident-owned manufactured home community in Duvall, Washington. As a resident-owned community (ROC), co-op members purchased the land and infrastructure. A democratically elected board of directors manages the business of running Duvall Riverside Village.


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