Kelly Maynard

Position title: Cooperative Development Specialist


Phone: (608) 262-9751

427 Lorch St, Taylor Hall, Madison, WI 53706

photo of kelly maynard

Kelly Maynard is part of the team of Cooperative Development Specialists at the Center, focusing her work on supporting food and agricultural enterprises in rural communities. This work is complemented by her role as an Outreach Specialist at the UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems where she helps to advance local and regional food system development. She enjoys working with diverse groups as they refine their cooperative business proposition and she prioritizes facilitation and learning about group process and governance in the early stages of cooperative development. Kelly also develops workshops and resources in collaboration with outside partners to broaden understanding about the cooperative model and explore innovative applications that address challenges like farm ownership transitions and farm labor shortages. Kelly’s four years of experience working as an education coordinator and general manager of an immigrant-owned farmers’ cooperative and her two years as an agroforestry volunteer with the Peace Corps in Paraguay shape her approach and methods.  She earned a Master’s in Agroecology from UW- Madison in 2010. In her free time she enjoys growing flowers, biking, kayaking and exploring the wild outdoors with her husband, son and exceptionally friendly dog.


Contact Kelly about: agricultural cooperatives, local food systems, cooperative development.