Homecare Cooperative Podcasts

A series of educational podcasts on homecare cooperatives was developed in October 2016 by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives in collaboration with the Cooperative Development Foundation and through a generous grant from USDA Rural Development. The podcasts address common issues shared by homecare cooperatives and can be particularly useful for new cooperative members or for individuals interested in starting a homecare co-op. More established cooperatives and cooperative developers can also benefit from these podcasts. Many thanks to Margaret Bau from USDA Rural Development, Kippi Waters from Peninsula Homecare Cooperative, Tracy Dudzinski, Debra Schultz and Sharon Becker from Cooperative Care for sharing their expertise and passion about homecare co-ops.

Meaning of Cooperative Membership in Homecare Cooperatives

Objective: listeners will be able to understand what a cooperative is and how they can benefit from it as member-owners.

Questions addressed:

  • What is a cooperative?
  • Homecare cooperatives – how are they different from an agency?
  • Are there any benefits of being a member?
  • What is the process for becoming a member?
  • Do members have any responsibilities?

Staff Recruitment and Retention in Homecare Cooperatives

Objective: listeners will learn about strategies for staff recruitment and retention in homecare cooperatives.

Questions addressed:

  • What staff recruitment issues are faced by homecare co-ops?
  • Are there any successful recruitment strategies?
  • Why caregivers choose to work at a homecare co-op?
  • How should the hiring process be conducted?
  • Who makes the hiring decisions in a co-op?
  • How can a co-op retain good staff?

Cooperative Governance and Board Decision-Making in Homecare Cooperatives

Objective: listeners will learn about effective governance and decision-making in a homecare cooperative.

Question addressed:

  • What is governance in a homecare co-op
  • What roles do the members, board, and management play?
  • Who can serve on the board?
  • What does it mean to be a cooperative board member?
  • Why are manager and board evaluations important?
  • What some potential conflicts of interest?
  • How do boards prepare for board meetings?