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Case Studies

Case Studies: Business Conversion to Worker Cooperatives: Insights and Readiness Factors for Owners and Employees. Project Equity, 2015.

Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions: Case Studies on the Conversion of Privately Held Businesses to Worker Cooperatives. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2015.

Providing the Right Support: Are the Training Needs of Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives Unique? UW Center for Cooperatives, 2013.

Buying a Business to Start a Co-op: A Case Study on Food Co-op Conversions. Food Co-op Initiative, 2013.

A Study of Co-op Business Development in Wisconsin and Minnesota: Fourteen Recent Start-ups in the Food and Agricultural Sectors. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2013.

Forest Owner Cooperation in the Upper Midwest: Overview and Lessons Learned, 1998-2012
Cooperative Development Services/UW Center for Cooperatives, 2013.

Worker Cooperative Case Study: Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2011.

Case Study: Willy Street Grocery Cooperative. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2011.

A Case Study of the Fifth Season Cooperative: From Conception to Incorporation, Now What?
UW Center for Cooperatives, 2010.

Co-operative Conversions, Failures and Restructurings: Case Studies and Lessons from U.S. and Canadian Agriculture. Centre for Study of Co-operatives University of Saskatchewan/UW Center for Cooperatives, 2009.

Benefitting from the Board: A Case Study. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2008.

Keys to Success for Food Co-op Start Ups in Rural Areas: Four Case Studies. USDA Rural Development Cooperative Programs, Research Report 208, 2005

Institutions and Agricultural Cooperatives in Wyoming. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2004

Non-agricultural Cooperatives in Rural Areas: 14 Case Studies. UW Center for Cooperatives, 2003.

Walton Bean Growers’ Cooperative. USDA/UW Center for Cooperatives, 2003.

CROPP Cooperative: The Cooperative Regions of Organic Produce Pools. USDA/UW Center for Cooperatives, 2003.

New Generation Cooperatives Case Study: HomeGrown Wisconsin: The Story of a New Producer Cooperative. Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University, 2002.

An Assessment of Loan Regulations for Rural Housing Cooperatives. UW Center for Cooperatives, 1999.

Western Areas Cities and Counties Cooperative Case Study. USDA’s Fund for Rural America, 1998.

Dakota Growers Pasta Company and the City of Carrington, North Dakota: A Case Study
USDA Fund for Rural America, 1998.