group of international visitors to UWCC in 1972
UWCC hosts a group of international cooperators in 1972.

The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives was founded in 1962 as the International Cooperative Training Center (ICTC). It was inspired by the Humphrey Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 which was designed “to encourage the development and use of cooperatives, credit unions and savings and loan associations” worldwide. Through 1970, ICTC trained over 2,000 cooperative leaders from nearly 100 countries on topics such as cooperative management, finance and governance. ICTC received funding primarily from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and conducting training for future Peace Corps volunteers.

Since 1970, the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) has provided programs for international and domestic cooperatives. One of the oldest cooperative centers in the country, UWCC is an inter-disciplinary group that works with all sectors and types of cooperatives. Combining the resources of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Wisconsin – Extension, UWCC pursues a robust portfolio of research, educational, and outreach initiatives on the cooperatives model. Located in Madison, WI, UWCC resides in a region with a significant concentration of cooperative businesses and a rich cooperative history.