Governance Training Series for New Directors

Outstanding board leadership is a critical component of being a successful cooperative business. Great boards don’t just happen, they are built and honed. Governance training is critical to developing a productive and forward-thinking board and ensuring a positive relationship between the board and management.

Directors have many duties and responsibilities. Every director has a unique combination of skills, expertise, and blind spots to the board room. The stronger the individual directors are, the stronger the board will be as a whole.

This training is designed for new directors from all types and sectors of cooperatives.

Who should attend: Newly elected directors and directors who have not received formal cooperative board training.

table work at co-op directors 101

Tools for Governance Success written over a picture of co-op directors meeting around a table103: Tools for Governance Success – in person

May 11, 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. | Compeer Financial, Sun Prairie, WI

Fee: $100/participant

Learn about strategies for developing an efficient board including meeting facilitation, how to use committees, what to expect as a director, etc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Facilitating successful meetings 
  • Understanding Robert’s Rules of Order 
  • What activities should you expect as a board e.g. CEO evaluation, board evaluation
  • Developing a board calendar
  • Code of conduct
  • Role of committees and how they work – what do they do, what do they not do. 
  • Consent agendas, what are they, how to use them 
  • How to effectively use executive sessions 


101: Roles and Responsibilities – in person

November 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Fee: $100/participant

This session will focus on the different functions performed by directors including fiduciary and oversight responsibilities. We will review the relationships between the board, management, and members.

Learning Objectives:

  • General board responsibilities 
  • Relationship between board and management 
  • What to expect and how to be prepared, what you should know, things you are going to have to make decisions about.
  • How to be an active participant in board meetings
  • Serving as an ambassador for your cooperative 

2024 Training Offerings

Finance Basics for Directors over a sample balance sheet102: Finance Basics for Directors – Webinar

February 2024 | Virtual

Fee: $20/participant

Monitoring the financial health of the organization is often the most intimidating responsibility assigned to co-op directors—but it doesn’t have to be! This session will provide an overview of cooperative finance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reading and understanding financial statements and reports
  • Understanding the difference in co-op finance and considerations for equity management
  • How to balance member needs and the co-op needs
  • Questions boards should be asking about the co-ops financial picture

This session will be recorded and shared with registered attendees.



Tools for Governance Success In person Training Register

There is a limited number of scholarships available for cooperatives with demonstrated need for financial assistance, which may include:

  • Board members or organizers from start-up cooperatives
  • Board members from emerging cooperatives that are in the process of becoming operational and already incorporated as a cooperative
  • Board members from established cooperatives that have limited financial capabilities.

Please contact Kelly Maynard at for more information.