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The Summer Newsletter is here! Check out the latest news from UWCC, a recap of CCMA 2024, new grants, and more!

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2021 Cooperative Governance Research Initiative: Worker Co-op Findings

Of the 500 cooperatives that completed the 2021 CGRI survey, 73 were worker co-ops. Worker co-ops share many governance practices with other types of co-ops; however, the dual roles of owner and worker often render important distinctions.

2021 Cooperative Governance Research Initiative, Worker Co-op Findings

WEDC Accepting Applications for the Wisconsin Co-op Development Grant

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is offering grants to support the development of new and existing cooperatives in Wisconsin.

2021 Cooperative Governance Research Initiative: Food Sector Findings

The 2021 CGRI survey yielded responses from 500 cooperatives. Of those 500 cooperatives, over 100 were retail grocery cooperatives, also known as food co-ops. Our latest CGRI report highlights the trends shaping governance practices in food co-ops.

Wisconsin Co-op Directory

This interactive directory offers a compilation of cooperatives from all sectors and membership types in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Co-op Directory
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