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Selected Publications from the Center for Cooperatives

Cooperatives: Principles and practices in the 21st century
This publication is the fourth and most extensive revision of the Marvin A. Schaars' text, Cooperatives, Principles and Practices, 1980.
Spiral bound copies also may be purchased for $12 + shipping and handling thorough Cooperative Extension Publications at 877-WIS-PUBS, or on the website.

Cooperatives in Wisconsin: The Power of Cooperative Action 
This publication provides an overview of the types of cooperatives, how cooperatives operate and the history of cooperatives in Wisconsin. Additionally, it provides steps to start a cooperative and  an extensive listing of co-op-related resources. University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, 2014. Printed copies are also available from your Wisconsin county Extension office or from the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives. For print copies, please contact Megan Webster.

More than just housing.... Co-op Housing
This booklet answers questions regarding ownership, responsibilities, and benefits of living in a housing cooperative.

Legal Manual for Small Rural Home Cooperatives 
Development Manual for Small Rural Home Cooperatives
These two manuals are designed to help people develop cooperatives composed of a small number of adjacent family homes specifically designed for senior citizens. Produced by the Foundation for Rural Housing, Inc., and the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, 2005.

Other Publications available through this website

Journal of Cooperatives
The Journal of Cooperatives, beginning with Volume 10 (1995-present), is available through AgEcon Search.  Volumes 1-9, from 1986-1994, were published under the title Journal of Agricultural Cooperation, and are also available through AgEcon Search.  Abstracts from Volumes 1 - 14 (1986-1999) are availabe here.  Permission to make earlier volumes available through AgEcon Search was given by National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, the holder of the copyright.