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Cooperative Sector Topics


Agriculture and Local Foods

North Central Region: County Food Systems Profiles Portal

Overview - Agricultural Cooperatives in the U.S. Economy

Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries of Agricultural Cooperatives
USDA Research Report 226, June 2012. 
Bruce J. Reynolds

Dairy Cooperatives in the 21st Century - the First Decade
USDA Research Report 225
Carolyn B. Liebrand

The Nature of the Cooperative: A Dairy Cooperative Case Study
USDA Research Report 224

Measuring the Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives
USDA Research Report, 213, 2007

The Cranberry Industry and Ocean Spray Cooperative: Lessons in Cooperative Governance
FSRG Monograph Series, #19, January 2006
Edward T. Jesse and Richard T. Ropers


Arts & Crafts


The Cooperative Approach to Crafts
USDA, Cooperative Information Report 33




Steps to Organize a Child Care Co-op
California Center for Cooperative Development

Bringing Families Together: A Guide To Parent Cooperatives
E. Kim Coontz, Center for Cooperatives, University of California
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4


Community Economic Development


Cooperatives - A Tool for Community Economy Development


Cooperative Finance



Credit Unions

Filene Institute
Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

Cooperation among Cooperatives: Quantifying the Business Case for Credit Unions and Other Cooperatives, Filene Research Institute

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
"Co-op Power", Credit Union Magazine, January 2012.






Overview - Biofuels

Overview - Rural Electric

Harvesting Northwest Bioenergy Cooperatives: Mapping the Route to a Cooperatively-Owned Future for Emerging Bioenergy Industries
Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Providing Clean Energy and Energy Access through Cooperatives
International Labour Office


Farm Credit



Cooperative Forestry Funding




The FCI Guide to Starting a Food Co-op
Food Co-op Initiative

Accounting Best Practices for Food Co-ops
Bruce Mayer, Peg Nolan and Steve Wolfe

Food Co-op Feasibility
Food Co-op Initiative

Keys to Success for Food Co-op Start Ups in Rural Areas: Four Case Studies
USDA Research Report 208

Legal Primer: For Formation of Consumer-Owned Food Cooperatives
Food Co-op Initiative

Member Loan Campaign Toolbox: A Guide for Retail Food Co-ops
Food Co-op Initiative

The Member Equity Toolbox: A Guide for Retail Food Co-ops
Food Co-op Initiative

The Twin Cities Cooperative local Food System: A Case Study and Commentary
Joan Stockinger and Dave Gutknecht of Cooperative Development Services



Farmer Health Insurance Cooperatives: An Innovative Solution for Other Americans?
Choices, 4th Quarter 2009.
Reka Sundaram-Stukel and Steve Deller




State of Cooperative Housing, Needs and Opportunities
Joan Stockinger and Kevin Edberg, Cooperative Development Services

Cooperative Housing for Rural America
USDA, Cooperative Information Report 53

Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Cooperative Success
Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A guide for Successful Community Development
Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

Development Manual for Small Rural Home Cooperatives
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Legal Manual for Small Rural Home Cooperatives
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Home Base: The Playbook for Cooperative Development
NCB Capital Impact

Housing Cooperatives: An Accessible and Lasting Tool for Home Ownership
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund

Housing Cooperatives in the USA
National Association of Housing Cooperatives


Mutual Insurance








How to Start a Car-sharing Cooperative
Transition United States




Strength in Numbers: How to Form a Rural Utility Cooperative
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium



Worker Co-ops: FAQs about Employment Status
UW Center for Cooperatives

A Learning and Training Tool for Understanding Worker Cooperative Finances 
For Board Training and Member Education

Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions
UW Center for Cooperatives and Democracy at Work Institute

Steps to Starting a Worker Co-op
Northwest Cooperative Federation and the University of California Center for Cooperatives

What is a Worker Co-op?
United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale
Community Wealth

NCERA-194 Research on Cooperatives - Publications

UWCC Archives