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UWCC Advisory Committee

Members of the UWCC Advisory Committee play an important role in the strategy and operations of the Center. Since its founding, committee members have provided counsel on the Center's education, outreach and research initiatives. The UWCC Advisory Committee is comprised of cooperative and university leaders. We are grateful for the advice and expertise of its members.

Margaret Bau
Regional Community Economic Development Coordinator
USDA Rural Development
Pat Baier
Chief Operating Officer
AgSource Cooperative Services
Robert Carlson
Chief Executive Officer
Landmark Services Cooperative
Tom Liebe
CEO & President
Cooperative Network
Ian Coxhead
Professor and Chair
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Martin A. Hillert, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative
Ronald D. McFall
Stoel Rives LLP
William Nelson
CHS Foundation
John M. Shutske
Associate Dean for Extension Outreach
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin- Madison
David Trechter
Professor and Chair
Department of Agricultural Economics
University of Wisconsin-River Falls